Our MOQ is 150 units per style, which can be split between 2 different color ways or prints. However because we are the manufacturer, we can accommodate smaller runs or allow certain styles below MOQ depending on the scope of the order.


Our typical production lead times are between 3-5 weeks once all production materials are in house. If you need it rushed please contact us at to see if we can accomodate. Development lead times vary depending on different aspects such as the available materials, scope of work, client communication, etc. We normally advise brands to plan for 2-3 weeks for the initial sample and another 2-3 weeks for any revisions.


Post-production shipping is arranged through clients carrier account. If you’ll need shipping assistance we can arrange to with our FedEx carrier.

We can also handle your fulfillment needs in house, or through our 3rd party vendors. Costing will be subject to the amount of units that must be housed for inventory, along with a per piece price to fulfill orders.


Production payment terms are 50% deposit before production & 50% balance upon completion. Development payment terms is 100% upfront - as soon as payment is made we begin the entire development process at once, from getting digital patterns made, sourcing/buying materials, etc.


We specialize in all knits & wovens, as well as denim and leather. The only products that we don’t produce are full silk garments & down jackets. We also produce a wide range of accessories and home goods, everything from belts to shoes to candles! If there’s a product that you’re unsure of where to go to get it made just reach out to us! Chances are if we can’t make it, then we know who can.