Development is the process of creating a product from concept all the way to a final sample. There are many moving pieces that have to be managed in order to bring an idea to life. During development, we serve as your production team that navigates the following steps for you to bring you your completed product.

Sourcing Materials

The first step of development is sourcing and approving all the materials. We’ll use your fabric reference or description to counter source with our worldwide library of fabric houses to offer you the best options to choose from. We’ll also do the same for all your trims (buttons, snaps, etc.), as well as labels as well.

Digital Patterns

Patterns are the blueprint for any garment – they are the outline for every piece of a completed garment. The fit and construction of your garment depends on these patterns. Once your final sample is approved we can the make & grade your pattern for their production size run. Once development is complete we provide brands with DXF pattern files, giving them complete control of their products

Creating Samples

Once approved materials and pattern are in house we then cut your fabric and sew your first sample. This initial sample is typically referred to as fit sample or prototype, which is used to either confirm details or make adjustments off of.


Once we have a confirmed fit then we will apply any desired embellishments to your sample. Embellishments are any prints, embroidery or certain washes and distressing. This is typically the final step in the process. Once all embellishments are approved then you’ll have completed the development process for your style.